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Inspection Systems

Machine Vision enables computers to ‘see’ and to detect subtle irregularities in products at speeds and consistency far exceeding human vision capability. A machine vision system uses one or more sets of cameras to capture images for analysis. For manufacturers that require 24-hour operations, manual grading and inspection are not a complete solution to reducing customer returns and rejections. With production speeds sometimes exceeding 100 m/min high-speed inspection can only be achieved through machine vision technology. 

How It Works

With The Help Of Industrial Cameras, The System Provides An Image-Based Inspection That Detects And Examines A Variety Of Surface Flaws. It Performs Checks To Detect Variations In Size, Shape, And Color, And Ensures The Presence Of Labels, Caps, Tamper Evident, Etc…

2D Vision Solutions 

With 2D Vision, A Two-Dimensional Map (X,Y) Of Reflected Intensity Is Captured & Processed. It Is Used For Several Industrial Inspection Applications Like Barcode Reading, Label Orientation, Printing Verification, Etc… Typical 2D Fields Of Application:

  • Robot picking
  • Precise part positioning
  • Quality inspection of shapes and dimensions
  • Defect and part presence detection
  • Calibrated, high-accuracy measurements
  • Track and trace by code reading and OCR
  • Object sorting

3D Vision Solutions

This 3D machine vision technology is most commonly used for three- dimensional inspection and measurement of complex free-formed surfaces.

3D vision technology provides:

  • Volumetric measurement (X,Y, and Z-axis) for shape and position-related parameters
  • Volumetric measurement (X,Y, and Z-axis) for shape and position-related parameters
  • Immunity to minor lighting variation or ambient light
  • Higher repeatability due to integrated optics, lighting, and pre-calibration
  • Simpler to build multi-sensor setups for large object inspection
Fields of application:
  • Quality control in consumer goods
  • Box integrity including content verification
  • Product dimensioning
  • 3D robot guidance
  • Part quality check
  • Assembly check
  • Assembly check
  • Bead inspection
  • Profile verification
  • Edge and surface defect detection
  • OCR of embossed or engraved text

Standalone Vision Solutions By Technica

Bottle Inspection

  • Empty and full bottles
  • Empty bottles defects
  • Cap alignment
  • Fill level
  • Date readability
  • Label alignment

Crate Inspection

  • Crate geometry & dimensions
  • Foreign objects
  • Crate defects and deformations
  • Automatic rejection of defective crates

Plastic Pallet Inspection

  • 3D laser scan to make points cloud inspection
  • Advanced algorithms to detect missing or deformed shapes of pallet
  • Inspection of dimension tolerances
  • Up to 100 pallets/hour

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