Pantograph Palletizer

Drop-type palletizing is not always possible if your products are delicate. Using a Pantograph mechanism, Technica developed a conventional layer palletizer suited for glass and other delicate products.


  • Pick and place head guided by a pantograph linkage system hanging from a top carriage
  • Complete layer pickup via vacuum head or inflatable tubes
  • Machine is equipped with a funnel mechanism to ensure straight and uniform palletizing
  • Possibility to add a fully automatic tray inserter for different shape of interlayers
  • Head is equipped with limit switches to detect any interference during the pick
  • Layer formation is done via servo motorized pusher
  • Heads are changeable and changeover is fast for different SKUs
  • Heavy duty mechanism ; Reinforced structure and extended component service life
  • Standardized components for easy maintenance and reduced spare parts.
  • Safety guards with interlock switches on access doors in order to maximize the safety during operator intervention.

Data Sheet


Product TypeGlass Jars; glass bottles or cans
FramesPainted or Stainless Steel (AISI 304/316)
SpeedUp to 120 cycles per hour
SupportsAdjustable Articulated Feet (+- 50mm)
Head TypeVacuum plates /Inflatable tubes


Power4 KW
Air consumption3000NL/min

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