Rack Washer


Returning rack from the market might seem clean at first, but soil, sand, dust and non-sticky debris might are a very common problem for water lines.

Technica’s in-line washer-dryer combo is an enclosed and splash-free solution fit to be installed right inside your factory.

Designed to be installed downstream from your rack unloader or as the loading point of your line.


Washer features

  • Motorized doors close during the washing operation to avoid splashing water in the factory area
  • Spray nozzles mounted on a back and forth moving frame inside the rack
  • Spray nozzles spread around the rack ensure the washing of all outer parts
  • Nozzles and brushes enter the pockets for thorough interior cleaning
  • High pressure pump and high flow nozzles ensure efficient washing cycles.
  • The frames and covers of the washer are made of stainless steel plates to prevent rust and transparent panels for visibility.
  • The Washer uses soft water at the supply temperature. It is contactless and no detergents are used

Rack Dryer

  • The washed rack is conveyed to a drying station consisting of high flow fans
  • Excess water is blown off the rack so that water does not drip on the factory floor
  • As the rack passes through the dryer, the fans will be switched on sequentially, reducing unnecessary electrical consumption of the system and its relevant noise levels
  • The dryer is provided with a collecting tank for all the water resulting from the washing and drying processes
  • This water is returned to the washer’s tank for reuse through the water recirculation system
  • Note: Rack may not be 100% dry. Residual water of up to 0.5L should be expected, depending on the rack size and the number and size of cavities. (Actual volume to be confirmed after testing).

Water Recirculation (Optional)

  • Rack enclosure collects all the water to a recirculation tank, minimizing water usage
  • Water is pumped into a filtering and turbidity removal station
  • Filtration down to 5 microns
  • Filtered water is pumped back into the washer’s tank
  • The filtering station is provided with a back wash system
  • The water recirculation is always running during machine operation.
  • Once the filters are closed, a back wash should be done and water is emptied from the tank and filled again. It depends on the quantity of dirt coming on the racks.

Rack Conveyors System

  • Plastic chain conveyors ensure the travel between the rack un-loader and the rack loader, throughout the washer and dryer.
  • Conveyors frames are made of stainless steel.
  • Sensors for the control of movement are waterproof.


  • Electrical control panel with PLC to control the operation
  • Parameters like speed, wash time, and drying time can be monitored and changed from the user-friendly HMI.

Data Sheet


StructurePainted or Stainless Steel (AISI 304/316)
Water tanksPainted or Stainless Steel (AISI 304/316)
Water tanks volume5,000L
Min. Conveyor Height1000 mm
Integrated ConveyorMultiflex Conveyor
Rack Max. Dimensions1000mm (leading edge) x 1200mm
Rack levels5
Rack weightUp to 300 kg
Noise80dBA (@ 1m distance)


Power (installed)Washer 10kW, Dryer 23kW
Air Zero
Water1L per rack
Weight6500kg (with empty tanks, 12 points of contact to floor)

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