Modular Chain Conveyor Series


Standard, modular and easy to install are 3 aspects of our best selling product. Our modular chain conveyor series has been optimized to fit the majority of your applications at a fraction of the costs.


  • Reinforced structure and extended component service life
  • Modular sections (Drive, Straight, Curve, Idler) and standardized components for easy maintenance and reduced spare parts.
  • Flexibility to convey product in multiple orientations and positions
  • Easy height adjustment provided through the use of articulated feet
  • Possibility to add drip trays and top covers

Data Sheet


SpeedUp to 60 m/min
Minimum height500 mm
GuidesConical Side Guides – Polyethylene / Antistatic side guides / Stainless steel guides
Guide adjustmentFixed /Manual / Pneumatic / Motorized
SupportsAdjustable Articulated Feet (+- 50mm)
FramesPainted or Stainless Steel (AISI 304/316)
Drip traysSloped for liquid collection / Hinged for solid collection / Safety cover from underneath
ChainsAcetal with magnet flex curves / Acetal with tabs / Carbon steel or stainless steel
LubricationOption Available for Dry or wet lubrication
GreasingOption available for automatic greasing through standalone of central supply


PowerRanges between 0.55 to 2.2KW for each motorized section
ComponentsClamp mounted for easier adjustment

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