Project Management For Greenfield Factory Projects


You find yourself wanting to invest in a new factory built on a new piece of land. Delaying your project to put together an internal team to manage it is a thing of the past.

With Technica, you do not need to delay any further. Let us handle the management of your project from concept to execution.

Replicating Our Internal Process

With an average industry experience of over 8 years, our team of project managers is ready to handle every stage of the process:

  • Act as consultants during the sales process to ensure due diligence and proper technical oversight of proposals.
  • Consult with civil project engineers and architects to ensure the efficiency of the building in parallel with the factory equipment.
  • Perform site surveys of completed buildings.
  • Project timeline management.
  • Perform ongoing design reviews and coordinate with vendors regularly.
  • Quality control for all aspects of the project and adherence to Harmonized quality standards.
  • Oversee the installation and commissioning of the entire project.
  • Develop all necessary drawings for record-keeping and follow-up.

Technica’s project management team will uphold our internal standards and treat this project as if it were an in-house project.

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