Semi Automatic Palletizer

If your production speeds are not extreme, it is not necessary to have a fully automatic palletizing solution. Automating some parts of the process can allow a perfect synergy between man and machine while saving on your investment like in our Semi-Automatic Palletizer.


  • Low-cost and versatile design
  • Operators elevated on a platform perform the palletizing of the products
  • Hydraulic scissor lift will adjust pallet height at a suitable level for the operators
  • Cases or crates are picked by the operator from an overhead conveyor at a convenient height for easy and minimum physical effort.
  • A small Operator Panel is placed next to the operators for manualoverride to the height of the pallet during manual palletizing
  • Emergency switches at the reach of operators for maximized safety.
  • Heavy duty mechanism ; Reinforced structure and extended component service life
  • Standardized components for easy maintenance and reduced spare parts.

Data Sheet


Product Type​Carton/Cases/Crates
FramesPainted or Stainless Steel (AISI 304/316)
SpeedUp to 2 layers per minute (Following ergonomic and safety guidelines)
SupportsAdjustable Articulated Feet (+- 50mm)


Air consumption3000NL/min

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