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Track And Trace

Valuable overhead and resources are wasted on the manual tracking of the movement of products inside and outside your factory or your warehouse.

With Technica track & Trace solutions, keeping track of your material flow has become accessible at every price range.

Barcode Labels

For inhouse tracking of products in a controlled environment, a low investment solution can rely on the application of barcode labels. Accompanied by a network of barcode readers placed strategically inside your operation flow, these barcodes allow you to track and manage your inventory in a central software or even a cloud solution depending on your needs and budget.


When your operation ramps up and introduces higher speeds and complexity, simple barcode labels might not be enough.

Using RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tags, you can implement an in-house tracking system that is immune to the shortcomings of vision-based systems. But this higher performance and reliability comes at an increased investment cost.

Beacons, BLE, GSM, And Wireless Tracking Technologies

Once your tracking needs expand to outside your facilities and into your logistics and supply chain, the technologies needed to track become drastically different.

With the help of our partners, using technologies such as BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), Wi-Fi, and GSM(Global System for Mobile Communications) to provide you with reliable tracking all over the world.

These systems only require a small investment upfront to install the trackers, and they have no charges in case they are not in use.

Oversee your entire supply chain from the comfort of your desk through the cloud platform.

Gain Visibility On Your Operations

Gain back control over your operation with the help of Track & Trace Solutions:

  • Reduce manual oversight
  • Eliminate any risk of incorrect inventories due to human errors
  • Gather environmental data (Humidity, Temperature)
  • Track Location data and time to market

These features enable you to enhance the efficiency of your entire supply chain.

Our sales team cannot track you, so make sure you reach out to them for your own Track & Trace Solution.

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