Row Accumulation Table

Accumulation systems are diverse for round product, but when it comes to square or oval products, it gets trickier. Technica’s row accumulation table gives you full control over you product’s orientation and sequence of discharge. You can turn your FIFO system into a FILO system through a press of a button.


  • Installed upstream or downstream of critical equipment (e.g. filler or packer) to provide buffer storage for smooth line operation.
  • Admits each row of production on its own and discharges it the same way.
  • Reinforced structure and extended component service life.
  • Standardized components for easy maintenance and reduced spare parts.

Data Sheet


Shape of the ProductSquare/Oval
Multiple SKUsYes
FramesPainted or Stainless Steel (AISI 304/316
Minimum Height 500 mm
Speedup to 50 m/min
SupportsAdjustable Articulated Feet (+- 50mm)


Power 1.5kW
Air consumptionZero

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