Mass Flow Accumulation Table

Protecting your filler is crucial to ensuring continuous operation. When it comes to mass flow lines, Technica’s Accumulation table allows pressure-less accumulation of round products. The design is easily scalable for the appropriate accumulation time for your need.


  • Installed upstream or downstream of critical equipment (e.g. filler or packer) to provide buffer storage for smooth line operation.
  • Admits each row of production on its own and discharges it the same way.
  • Reinforced structure and extended component service life.
  • Standardized components for easy maintenance and reduced spare parts.

Data Sheet


Shape of the ProductRound
Multiple SKUsYes
FramesPainted or Stainless Steel (AISI 304/316
Minimum Height 500 mm
Speed of the outfeedup to 20 m/min
SupportsAdjustable Articulated Feet (+- 50mm)
GreasingOption available for automatic greasing through standalone of central supply


Power 1.7kW
Air consumptionzero

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