Nothing is better than a cool fresh bottle of milk to add to your cereal bowl in the morning.

Apart from some rural parts of the world, waiting every day for a fresh bottle of milk from your local milkman is a thing of the past.

The fast pace of daily life has led the dairy industry to become one of the most powerful in the world.

With over 565 million metric tons produced in 2019 across all categories (Statista.com, 2020), Quality assurance and health safety regulations are the key drivers in the dairy industry.

Multiple categories from one primary resource

Dairy products have dominated our daily life and become an integral part of our diet! Whole milk, skim milk, powdered milk, cheese, butter, cream, and buttermilk.

This lead governmental bodies to take notice and enforced strict rules for food safety.

A sterile and clean operation

Dairy factories are renowned for their sparkling floors, their shiny stainless steel equipment. This is a direct result of their continuous cleaning procedures. These cleaning procedures can be hit on the available production time. This is why your dairy line should be designed to be cleaned as fast and as easy as possible.

Technica’s portfolio follows strict guidelines for clean design adopted from dairy industry giants.

Modular approach for constant switching demand

Unlike water, the dairy industry produces so many types of products that it is impossible to plan ahead. Reacting to the fluctuating market demands for each product requires a modular approach to machine design.

Machines adapted for each product are very similar, but they are not identical. These different mechanisms need to be quickly dismantled within normal change-over cycles. Significant production time and potential revenue will be lost otherwise.

Versatility is future proof

We know that Modular machine design allows a quick switch between products during production. But it also allows a robust upgrade path for future products to be added to the production.

You can safely buy the main machine today and buy your new accessories tomorrow. Instead of losing on potential market opportunities with endless approval meetings, you can confidently pull the trigger and buy your machine today.

Crate system, great system

The plastic crate has become the gold standard for the dairy industry and Technica’s portfolio is designed to offer crate distribution systems for each scale of operation. Our team is ready to pair your dairy operation with the right solution.

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