SCADA Systems


Those of you who are familiar with the automation pyramid know why SCADA systems are a pillar of today’s production plants.

To everyone else, here is why you need to implement a SCADA system in your operation.


Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition is a software solution that enables you to gather and analyze real-time data from your manufacturing plants. It also allows you a degree of control over remote machinery.

The main functions of a typical SCADA system can be summarized as follows:

  • System monitoring
  • Automated control of industrial processes and machines
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Event and Alarm Notifications
  • Reporting

Why You Need SCADA In Your Plant

Managing your production relies on a layer of transparency in data collection. Without SCADA, this data collection relies on the human element.


Improved Data Management

A high-quality SCADA system makes it easier to collect, manage, access and analyze your operational data. It can enable automatic data recording and provide a central location for data storage. Additionally, it can transfer data to other systems such as MES and ERP as needed.

Greater Visibility

It provides you with real-time information about your operations and enables you to conveniently view that information via an HMI. SCADA software can also help in generating reports and analyzing data.

Enhanced Efficiency

A SCADA system allows you to streamline processes through automated actions and user-friendly tools. The data that SCADA provides allows you to uncover opportunities for improving the efficiency of the operations, which can be used to make long-term changes to processes or even respond to real-time changes in conditions.

Increased Usability

SCADA systems enable workers to control equipment more quickly, easily and safely through an HMI. Rather than having to control each piece of machinery manually, workers can manage them remotely and often control many pieces of equipment from a single location. Managers, even those who are not currently on the floor, also gain this capability.

Reduced Downtime

A SCADA system can detect faults at an early stage and push instant alerts to the responsible personnel. Powered by predictive analytics, a SCADA system can also inform you of a potential issue of the machinery before it fails and causes larger problems. These features can help improve the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and reduce the amount of time and cost on troubleshooting and maintenance.

SCADA and Industry 4.0

With the implementation of IIoT ready machines and Cloud platforms, it has become much easier to implement a robust SCADA system which not only gives you access to dashboards but also exchanges data with your ERP and MES systems.

Technica Offers Custom SCADA Solutions

 Our team of Software and Control engineers is ready to survey your plant, assess your situation and design a SCADA system fit for you. Get in contact with a Technica representative near you.

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