Accumulation And Buffers


Without accumulation, your production is at risk of constant fluctuation. Overloading or underutilization of your main machines (such as fillers) can lead to direct lost revenue. With the help of Technica’s Accumulation solutions, you can harmonize your production flow.

Mass Flow Or Single File

Depending on the needs of your production, the infeeds and the outfeeds of your accumulation solution will dictate which machine is right for you:
Are you round bottles exiting in mass flow? Our mass flow accumulation table will ensure pressure-less operations.
Are you round bottles entering and exiting in a single file? Our loop accumulation table ensures the bottles exit in a single line, ready to enter a new machine.

First In, First Out

If your operation requires FIFO, we need to approach accumulation from a different angle.
If your products are round, our FIFO accumulation table acts like a serpentine line, going back and forth, maintaining the order of the products.
If your products are square or oval, pressure-based accumulation is not possible. Technica’s Row accumulation offers full flexibility for irregular products and you can choose to run it in any sequence you want (FIFO, FILO, etc)

Make sure to visit our accumulation systems  Portfolio (Link to the accumulation systems  section)

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