Bags Handling


Sometimes simplicity is key. When it comes to big bags handling, simple additions to your production can make your life and the life of your workforce easier. Whatever you are producing, be it cement, flour, sugar or grains, big parts of your process are handled by manual labor lifting 50kg bags. This cannot be sustainable in the long run.

Bag Handling And Distribution

The transport of heavy bags has been traditionally relegated to wheelbarrows or hand lifts. By using Technica’s heavy-duty belt conveyors, you can automate this complex transportation all while ensuring the health and safety of your personnel. Slopes, chutes, flattening rollers and transfers, all the tools at our disposal to ensure an interrupted flow of bags in your production.

Bag Openers

You don’t need to be a Bag producer to need bag handling. Some productions require ingredients from outside the factory which arrive in big bags. You can simply place the bags on our conveyor system and funnel them into our bag opener. Using sharp circular blades, the bags are cut open and emptied onto a powder conveyor.

Bags Palletizing

Manual Palletizing of bags is a dangerous activity that puts your operators at risk. Due to ergonomic constraints, the height of these pallets cannot reach high levels causing inefficiencies in your transportation.
Technica’s portfolio has palletizers for all kinds of products, big bags included. Benefit from the automatic palletizing to maximize the fill rate of your trucks and avoid injuries for your personnel.

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