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During the 1950s, the Australian Dairy farmers found a solution to the aging tea chest. A reusable and weatherproof alternative.
In the 21st century, the plastic crate has all but taken over the dairy industry as we know it today.

Save On Storage, Save On Costs

Due to their open-top nature, full plastic crates are nestable, allowing spacing saving that cannot be achieved with cardboard boxes.
While this space-saving might seem small at first glance. But scaled to an entire operation, it will result in bigger transport capacity, and consequently, reduce your transport costs.
These are not 1-way containers, as their durability and ability to be washed allows reuse. This fact allows some suppliers to even offer the option of renting plastic crates only when you need them.

Vertical Crate Handling Systems

While a cardboard box’s life starts as a blank in the erector magazine, the reuse aspect of plastic crates birthed a whole supply chain dedicated to crate handling.
Crates arriving from the market or the washing plant will be in a nested stack. Our mechanical crate de-stacker is a great option for low throughput lines.
As floor space becomes a precious resource, our engineers went vertical with their solutions, allowing the overlap of both production and crate handling lines:
Need to go up? our side grip crate elevator can do the job. Depending on the configuration of the tracks (C-shape or S-shape) you can even flip the crates upside down, merging 2 processes into one.
Need to go down? the same side grip elevator can be configured to lower any crate. This ensures uniformity of spare parts with your crate elevators.
Need to go down, at a lower budget? Technica evolved the basic chute and introduced a motorized braking and indexing system, which allows you to relieve the pressure off of your downstream.

Horizontal Crate Handling Systems

When productions grow, Industrial engineers start optimizing your plant layouts. These layouts become interconnected and intertwined. With the help of Technica’s horizontal crate handling systems, crates can hop from one line to another in the smoothest way possible.
Switching from one line to another is possible with our crate diverter, ensuring the transition of the crate without snagging.
Merging 2 crate lines into 1 or even 2 infeeds with 2 outfeeds is possible with our crate merging table.
Correcting the orientation of the crate before orientation-sensitive processes can be performed with our crate orienter. It can be both electrically or pneumatically actuated.
Make sure to visit our crate handling portfolio (Link to the crate handling section).

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